Testimonials of our Denver Chiropractor, Dr. Trent Artichoker MS, DC

Read some of the reviews of Denver Chiropractic, LLC. Our reviews reflect our emphasis on treating everyone with the best chiropractic care from our Denver chiropractor.

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Patient Testimonials

No Better Doc! – Mike C

I’ve been treated by Dr. Artichoker numerous times and have had substantial relief of my
mid and low back pain. He is very thorough in his evaluation and I appreciate his
adjusting techniques. If you live in the Denver area, there’s no better Doc! Thanks Trent!

No more pain!!! – Pury M.

I have been receiving treatment from Dr. Artichoker for my lower back pain and he has
given me excellent care, he takes the time to explain everything thoroughly. He is
compassionate and kind; just a wonderful doctor! I can’t say enough about him! He is
also very honest and I highly RECOMMEND him! There are a lot of chiropractors out
there, but Dr. Artichoker stands out among the rest with his superior knowledge and
dedication to his profession.

Top Doc – Sean

Had a VERY positive experience with Dr. Artichoker. He explained to me in great detail
what was wrong and came up with an excellent plan to tackle it. I really appreciated his
gentle adjustments and care with my body. Highly recommended!

Relief!! – Brandon M

As a graduate student who sits a lot I had been battling constant low back pain over the
past couple years, Dr. Artichoker did a great job in educating me about my body and
what was going on and then treated me. I enjoyed the relief that I got from the treatment
and had a really good experience. THANKS!!!

Miracle Worker! – Shannon

I had undergone a lot of stress at work and my SI joint had flared up to the point that I
was barely able to walk, put my shoes on, or anything that involved moving.  Dr.
Artichoker was very friendly and very gentle in his treatments.  In 6 treatments, I was pain
free and able to do all the activities that I needed to do.  I consider him my miracle worker
and am happy to give him my full endorsement.

20 years – Russ

As an old man, I have been to many chiropractors and Dr. Artichoker provided me a
treatment that no other doctor has done before.  My upper back had gotten so stiff and I
felt like my other chiropractor could not get the relief I needed.  This doctor used some
tools that he rubbed on my back and had told me that they get rid of old scar tissue.
After several treatment, my back felt has not felt this good in 20 years.  Thanks Dr.

World Championships! – Ginne

I met Dr. Artichoker at the Portland, OR National USA triathlon where he was providing
treatments for free for the athletes.  My rib cage felt like it was not moving quite right and
felt like I could use an adjustment to help my breathing.  He was thorough with his
examination and provided an effective adjustment.  So effective that my time improved by
FIVE minutes, which qualified me for the World Championship in Australia.  After the race
he worked on me more and did a wonderful job.

Best Chiro – Mike D

I have been to my share of chiropractors and Dr. Trent Artichoker is the best I have been
to. I felt improvement after every appointment. Not only does he provide a good service
but her is personable and knowledgeable.

Trust – Dr. G
Dr. Artichoker displays some of the greatest practitioner motivation and focus with his
Chiropractic technique and patient care. You know, feel, and trust he is working on your

I’m sold on Dr. Artichoker – Curtis

I must say that I was very reluctant to see Dr. Artichoker because of my preconceived
ideas about chiropractic care. I have a bulging disc and it simply got to the point where I
would have to either be on pain medication or try chiropractic care. After just 2 visits, I
must say that my pain is 95% gone. Amazing how gentle he treated me…and with these
results…I’m sold on Dr. Artichoker. Thanks Trent..

Carpal Tunnel – Jeannie V.

Dr Artichoker has treated my Carpal Tunnel & now I can use my hand to open jars, &
movements I couldn’t do for a long time. . He is using a method I never had before & it is
relieving my pain & given me strength in my hand that I have not had for a long time.
Thanks Doc