Denver Chiropractor, Dr. Nick Shupe

As a Denver chiropractor, Dr. Nick Shupe is proficient in ART. He combines the latest in soft tissue therapy in conjunction with chiropractic manipulation of the spine and extremities.

Denver Chiropractor – Dr. Nick Shupe DC

Dr. Nick Shupe

  • University of Western States
    Doctor of Chiropractic
    Portland, OR 
  • University of Western States
    Bachelor of Science
    Portland, OR
  • Active Release Technique
    Completed: Spine/Lower Ext./Upper Ext.
  • Graston Technique
  • Kinesio Tape

Dr. Nicholas Shupe graduated from the University of Western States with a Doctorate in Chiropractic.  He received an Associate Degree in Science from Scottsdale Community College, where he participated as a lab instructor for the undergraduate anatomy classes.  Prior to receiving his DC degree, Nicholas received his Bachelors Degree in Human Biology with a bridge program offered by the University of Western States.

He has undergone additional classes such as: Spine, Upper Extremity, and Lower Extremity in Active Release Technique. He is also proficient in the Graston Technique, and is fully versed in applying Kinesio tape.  These techniques have been proven to be effective for treating upper extremity, spine, and lower extremity pain patterns.  Dr. Shupe takes pride in providing treatment techniques that are supported by evidence and is adamant about running a state-of-the-art, evidence-based practice.

Dr. Shupe, the youngest of seven, is a Colorado native who has grown up with chiropractic since he was a child.  In fact, he is a fourth-generation chiropractor who has truly seen the profession develop into what it is today and has been shaped by years of aspiring to become a chiropractor.

His approach is supported by valid evidence that he combines with exercises that promote stability and strength.  It is Dr. Shupe’s goal to get patients well as soon as possible and to prescribe future exercises that will maintain their asymptomatic status and keep them out of the office.

Outside of the office you will find Nicholas spending time with friends and family, whether it be going for a hike or supporting a local sporting event.  He is very passionate about staying active and exercising to remain healthy and energetic.  Music is a very large part of his life, which was fueled by an early introduction to percussion that has continued to fascinate him decades later.  He was an avid soccer player in his youth and enjoys just about everything sports related.

Dr. Nick Shupe, can be reached at 303-455-2225 to schedule an appointment. Dr. Nick Shupe also treats whiplash related injuries, sports injuries, as well as neck and back related pains.

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