There is no surprise when it comes to peoples reactions when the topic of a chiropractor comes to the table. People loves us, hate us, and even tried to eradicate our profession (Wilk vs. American Medical Association). Unfortunately, most peoples vitriolic feelings stem from the long war on the chiropractic profession by the AMA. Fortunately, the profession has worked very hard in validating the beneficial effects of spinal manipulation and other related manual therapies for neck pain, back pain, headaches, car accident injuries, sports injuries, and other related musculoskeletal conditions. Regardless of the amount of research that does support our professions goals of helping people, there will always be naysayers. There are a multitude of reasons why people may not particularly like our profession, which I describe below.

  1. Expense. Some chiropractors can be very expensive and such services are out of reach for the common person. Today’s chiropractor can look very different than yesterday’s chiropractor and cracking backs ain’t all they do these days. Some of the most expensive chiropractors practice functional medicine, chiropractic neurology, and even soft tissue techniques like Active Release Techniques can be very pricey. In some clinics, 15 minutes of ART cost $99, or a functional medicine treatment plan may reach up to $10,000. Regardless of cost, putting a price on health can be difficult and the aforementioned fees pale in comparison to other providers fees in different health professions. Chiropractors spend an incredible amount of time and energy studying the most current health trends and even start health trends. The next time you question a chiropractors fee, you might want to question the cost of not using a chiropractor.
  2. Fear of the unknowing. Unanimously we are grouped together as bone crackers and this can scare the bejesus out of common folk. Everyone has seen the bad guy crack a poor dudes neck with a quick twist and instantly put him down. Keep in mind that we like to fix people and not break them, as that would be way bad for business. Some of my patients let me know right away that they are scared of getting adjusted. I understand the stigma and it comes from not knowing what to expect and fearing the worst out of the experience. If people want to fear the adjustment, they should whole heatedly fear the self adjustment. Seeing people wrenching on their own necks freaks me out! Stop it people, that is not normal! Chiropractors are like ninjas when it comes to adjusting the spine. The adjustment can be smooth, quick, and so gratifying you might wanna light up a cigarette afterwords.
  3. Myths. Once you go to a chiropractor, you always have to go. Chiropractors are quacks! Chiropractors are not real doctors. Chiropractic care is dangerous. There is no proof that chiropractic works. Adjustments hurt. They don’t call these myths for nothing as each one of these can be discussed further. There is a reason that chiropractic is standing the test of time, and it is because it works!

The chiropractic profession in today’s world is very diverse and can offer very high quality affordable health care. Researching Denver chiropractor reviews or pick your specific city plus chiropractor reviews can offer a large amount of real experience online reviews. Review sites such as Yelp, help validate honest reviews and can be very useful. I also wrote a blog article on how to pick the best chiropractor that may also help you decide.

Author: Dr. Trent Artichoker

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¡Estamos agregando un nuevo quiropráctico a nuestra clínica!

Su nombre es Dr. Steve Brown. Somos afortunados de tenerlo en nuestra oficina. Tiene su Licenciatura y Maestría en Ciencias. En la escuela de quiropráctica, recibió entrenamiento avanzado en el tratamiento de las condiciones de tejido blando de músculos y ligamentos, etc. Después de la escuela de quiropráctica, completo educación posgrado y certificación en lesiones medulares y lesiones deportivas. Después de recibir su licencia de Doctor of Chiropractic, él ha estado practicando en una oficina muy ocupada, por lo que tiene mucha experiencia en el cuidado de pacientes. El Dr. Brown y su esposa, que también es quiropráctica, se han trasladado recientemente a esta área. El está emocionado de formar parte de nuestro personal en el cuidado de usted y los otros pacientes, mientras que le proporciona con el mismo tratamiento profesional que usted ha disfrutado en los últimos anos.

Probablemente has visto como ha crecido nuestra oficina de Quiropráctica en los años. Este crecimiento me permito aceptar otras perspectivas que se has presentado a mí. Pasará con el tiempo a otras clínicas médicas integradas que me han ofrecido puestos para ser quiropráctico en sus clínicas. Quiero tomar estas oportunidades, así que voy a estar asistiendo al Dr. Brown en revisar su archivo, instruyéndole sobre el tratamiento que usted ha recibido. Por la maravillosa bondad de médico y paciente que hemos disfrutado, esto obviamente no ha sido una decisión fácil para mí, y sin duda hubiera preferido decirle esta noticia en persona. Sé que todo esto puede parecer precipitado, pero estas raras oportunidades se presentaron a mí recientemente y es el momento adecuado para poder tomarlos, Usted me ha dado bondad, confianza y lealtad con los anos. Hemos disfrutado de nuestras conversaciones, compartir nuestras vidas y han trabajado bien juntos para que pueda disfrutar los beneficios de la quiropráctica. Espero que sepan lo precioso que ha sido y seguirá siendo siempre conmigo. Estoy seguro de que encontrara ese mismo cuidado, atención y relación con Dr. Brown. Dr. Artichoker ha sido mi compañero durante los últimos 7 años, y él va a administrar la oficina de orientación confiable. Sé que también estarán encantados de seguir disfrutando el mismo personal amable y ambiente acogedor en un lugar familiar. Después de todo, este sigue siendo su oficina de quiropráctica.

Con sinceros saludos,

Dr. Drew Colagrosso

We are adding another chiropractor to our clinic!!!

His name is Dr. Steve Brown. We are fortunate to have him in our office. He has his Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Science. While in chiropractic school, he received advanced training in treating soft tissue conditions of the muscles and ligaments, etc. Following chiropractic school, he completed post-graduate education and certification in spinal injuries and sports injuries. Since receiving his Doctor of Chiropractic license, he has been practicing in a busy office, so he has plenty of experience caring for patients. Dr. Brown and his wife, who is also a chiropractor, have recently moved to this area. He is excited to join our staff in caring for you and the other patients, while providing you with the same professional treatment you’ve enjoyed over the years.

You have probably seen how our chiropractic office has grown over the years. This growth will allow me to accept other career prospects that have been presented to me. I will transition over time to other integrated medical clinics that have offered me positions to be the chiropractor at their clinics. I want pursue these opportunities, so I will be assisting Dr. Brown in reviewing your file and instructing him on the treatment you’ve been receiving. Because of the wonderful doctor-patient teamwork we’ve enjoyed, this obviously has not been an easy decision for me to make, and I certainly would’ve preferred to tell you this in person. I know all of this might seem abrupt to you, but these rare opportunities were presented to me recently and the time is right for me to take them. You have given me kindness, trust and loyalty over the years. We have enjoyed our talks, shared our lives and have worked well together so you can enjoy the benefits of chiropractic. I hope you know how precious that has been to me and will always remain with me. I am confident that you will find that same care, attention and relationship with Dr. Brown. Dr Artichoker has been my partner for the last 7 years, and he will be taking over the office building and clinic. I’m confident that he will continue to oversee and manage the office with dependable guidance. I know you will also be glad to continue to enjoy the same friendly staff and comfortable atmosphere at a familiar location. After all, this is still your chiropractic office.

With Sincere Regards,

Dr. Drew Colagrosso

should i use a standing desk?

As more and more research comes out about the silent dangers of sitting, employers and employees are joining the growing trend of utilizing standing desks. As a chiropractor in Denver who treats back pain related to sitting, I get asked on a daily basis if the standing desk is the solution to help avoid their back troubles. There is much more to this simple question as the answer is a bit more complicated, so let’s look at some facts related to sitting.

The Dangers of Sitting.should i use a standing desk

The American Journal of Epidemiology published a prospective study including over 53,000 men and almost 70,000 women that showed an increase in mortality with the length of time sitting, regardless of independent physical activity (1). This fact is mind blowing. You can’t Crossfit your way out of the dangers of the desk jockey. Sit less and live longer should be the title of this study.

How about back pain? The above study is mainly about heart health, but what about back health? Surprisingly, a study published is the journal Spine showed that intradiscal pressure may be less in an individual that is sitting upright compared to an upright standing posture (2). The study advises movement to help support the flow of fluid in and out of the disc. This study also looked at a variety of postures and its effects on disc pressures, which all showed increases with flexed postures, regardless of sitting or standing. There is no ideal sitting or standing posture, so one must continually change their postures to help migrate the strains of sitting or standing. The take away with this study is to keep moving!

You’re the Captain

The answer to the initial question is a yes, but also a no. Standing desks can help offset the strains of sitting, but also come with its own problems. Standing engages the back muscles more than sitting and can add pressure to the spine, which is only negated by movement. Sitting can create large forces on the spine as well, which is only negated by movement. A variety of work stations is ideal in the workplace. So, reducing the chances of decreasing your lifespan from heart disease, or decreasing your chances of having back pain all must incorporate movement. Avoiding sedentary postures, whether they are sitting or standing is the key.

Autohor: Dr. Trent Artichoker

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Treating the body can be like a master painter using canvas and paint. It demands mastery of fundamentals, yet the addition of the creative. The chiropractor is placed in a similar position, working with the body demands great scientific knowledge about the body, but adding the creative and artful flair is where the healing takes place. Masterly blending treatment concepts at times may help bolster treatment outcomes. Such is the case with Active Release Technique and Dry Needling.

This is one of my favorite pairings when it comes to making the body perform better. One course of single type of therapy is rarely applied as combining different therapies help complement the work of the other. This is similar to applying heat before one does massage, Active Release Technique and Dry Needling are also complimentary to treating the body.

Most issues that present to the chiropractic office are rooted in movement dysfunction patterns coupled with poor nutrition . This is seen as static postures or repetitive overuse postures. It boils down to moving the same way too much, or not moving enough. Both of these scenarios create local changes in the muscle and the surrounding fascia.

When a muscle is constantly required to contract, especially for long period’s time, the motor neuron unit becomes dysfunctional. The motor neuron unit is where the nerve attaches to the muscle and is primarily responsible for having the muscle undergo cycles of contraction and relaxation. The motor neuron unit becomes dysfunctional and starts to overly secrete its chemicals. A biochemical mess ensues that disturbs the pH balance and increases the inflammatory mediators. This creates the need for trigger point therapy.

This situation creates a dysfunctional motor neuron unit and a trigger point. The trigger point is the taught and tender band like portion of the muscle that causes local and referred pain. As a Denver chiropractor, trigger points are always a co-conspirator with spine related problems. The primary trigger point disrupts the region, which creates other areas that ends up having to compensate and work harder, which thus starts a cycle of creating more trigger points. Sustained trigger points will then alter the tissues framework, creating scar tissue.

Scar tissue shows as leathery type tissue that has little to no give or pliability. So, now you have two problems, and two solutions. Active Release Technique aids in ridding the area of scar tissue, and Dry Needling helps reestablish the motor neuron unit to work correctly and deactivate the trigger points.

In summary, the vast majority of problems that the chiropractor sees is based in movement dysfunction patterns that create scar tissue and trigger points. I received my Dry Needling in Denver training from Kinetacore, a very reputable company and professional company that emphasizes patient safety and thoroughness.

Author: Dr. Trent Artichoker MS, DC, ART

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How to know if i have a good chiropractor?

Everyone likes to think that they have the best chiropractor. Unless you’ve been to a number of chiropractors, it can be difficult to know if you have the best chiropractor. I’ve had many patients come to me after going to their chiro for years, and come to the realization that the care that they have been getting has been sub-par. I’ve compiled a list of what I believe makes a good well rounded chiropractor. This list is also dependent on what you are actually looking for and need, which can be different for everyone and their situation.

  1. How much time do you actually spend with your doctor of chiropractic? The quick crack, high volume practice makes it difficult for any quality time between you and the doctor. If you have a chiropractor that gives you plenty of time to address your questions and gives ample table time, you’ve met my first high quality chiropractor criteria.
  2. Is your chiropractor well versed in the latest techniques? This can be difficult to know, unless you’ve done your research on the variety of techniques available. Most people that come to me have no clue about the best practices of the trade. A little bit of online research can help determine if your chiropractor is up to date. Just to name a few of the techniques of today; Active Release Technique (ART), Graston Technique or Instrument assisted soft tissue technique, Dry Needling, Functional Movement screen, Muscle Activation Technique, FAKTR, Selective Functional Movement Screen, Acupuncture, Kinesio Taping, and Webster Technqiue. There are also many certifications that a chiropractor can receive, such as; DABCO Diplomate of the Amercian Board of Chiropractic Orthopedists, DACNB Diplomate of the American Clinical Board of Nutrition, DABCI Diplomate of the American Board of Chiropractic Internists, DACBSP Diplomate American Chiropractic Board Sports Physicians. There are many more certifications and courses, but the main question is if your chiropractor is keeping up with their education.
  3. Does your chiropractor have a good reputation online? What is everyone saying online about your chiropractor? Some review sites are better than others. One of my favorite sites is Yelp and Facebook as I believe they do a slightly better job at keeping fraudulent reviews from being published. As you can tell, a search for denver chiropractor online reviews, will give you lots of information. You must be a good critical thinker when it comes to sifting through reviews. It is not out of the question to be reading fake online reviews. There are actual businesses that sole function is to create phony online reviews for other companies. When looking at online reviews, it helpful to not just look at the amount of reviews, but also to look at the quality of the reviews. You can usually tell if a review is a fake if there are no actual details. Does the review discuss the actual methods employed by the doctor? Does the review give details about the doctor and clinic? Are there details about the intake process, or about how long they were treated? Fake reviews are usually vague and give little to no details.
  4. Is your condition improving with the care you are receiving? I’m amazed at how some patients come to me that have been going to another chiropractor 2 to 3 times per week for over a year and are still not better. You’ve heard the definition of insanity, right? Well, move on or ask about options for your care.
  5. Does your chiropractor perform x-rays on everyone that walks through the door? Some spinal related conditions need an x-ray and are medically necessary, but if your chiropractor x-rays everyone, regardless of your condition, it is a warning sign. Some chiropractors unfortunately think that everyone needs corrective chiropractic care. This type of care is expensive, time consuming, and for the majority of people, is not needed.

In summary, chiropractors come in as many flavors as there are chiropractors. Utilizing this short list may help you find a chiropractor that can help you address your condition. Chiropractors also treat a variety of conditions, and some chiropractic specialists are much more well suited to treat your condition.

Author: Trent Artichoker MS, DC, ART

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vitamin d for back pain

Back pain comes in many forms and behaves quite differently from person to person. Treatments can vary from manual therapy to psychological. As a Denver chiropractor, my job is to figure out why a person is having back pain and figure out the best approach for that particular person. Each problem with the spine may require a unique approach, depending on the cause, which in some cases may be due to a vitamin D deficiency.

When treating a particular person, I believe a holistic approach is best suited for the most favorable outcomes. This approach must take into account all health related factors, including dietary and supplementation. Spinal related pain can come from a multitude of issues, further necessitating a holistic approach, these can include; long term muscles imbalances, degenerative joints, scoliosis, trauma, excessive regular postural stress, genetic factors, poor movement patterns, excessive phone and computer use, dietary choices, and as it shows in the literature, is related to Vitamin D deficiency (1,2,3,4)

Back pain is currently an epidemic, and the treatment of it is not so simple and straight forward. Attacking back pain from my perspective should encompass the possibility of a Vitamin D deficiency. The “sunshine” vitamin is lacking in most people, and in part is determined by your ethnic origin and lifestyle. Most people are stuck indoors during the prime hours of sun exposure needed to make Vitamin D. Another large factor is that when people are outside that they cover themselves in sunscreen, thus preventing the bodies manufacture of Vitamin D. Estimates (5) range  from 41.6 % to 82.1% of people are deficient in Vitamin D, and some studies have much higher numbers of people being deficient or insufficient.

The best way to determine if your Vitamin D serum levels are low is to have a blood test. This is an inexpensive test and can help determine how much supplementation is needed. Supplementation has been shown to decrease and in some cases completely alleviate back pain (6).

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Trent Artichoker MS, DC
Doctor of Chiropractic

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dry needling for back pain

Who would have thought that sticking a person with a bunch of needles could actually help a person. I would have never guessed. It turns out that the Native Americans were using porcupine quills for needling, and the eastern cultures practicing needling for thousands of years. Although we still use needles for healing purposes, we have refined our techniques in parallel to western medicine philosophies. As a Denver chiropractor, I routinely utilize the monofilament needle in a technique known as Dry Needling to treat back pain.

Many ask, what is the difference between dry needling and acupuncture? It turns out, there is a big difference, and just because the same tool is used, it does not mean you are doing the same type of treatment. Acupuncture and Dry Needling for back pain treatment will vary. Goto an acupuncturist and goto to a chiropractor or physical therapist who does Dry Needling for back pain and you will get two very different types of treatment. I have found that Dry Needling is an excellent way to treat back pain.

As you see in the picture, there are quite a few needles in this particular patient. This specific example of Dry Needling for back pain was successful in helping the patient overcome mid back pain caused from a car accident in Denver. We were performing the usual chiropractic adjustments, active release technique, flexion-distraction therapy, electrotherapy, moist heat, and core strengthening exercises which all helped, but we came to a standstill in progress. Is was not until we performed Dry Needling for back pain that we were able to break the plateau in progress to aldry needling in denverlow full healing.

It is quite interesting how the procedure affects the body. Specifically for back pain, the goal of Dry Needling is to affect the Multifidi muscles. They are the deepest layer of muscles in the back and responsible for proprioception and stabilization. When an injury occurs to the back these muscle become inhibited and can become fatty due to disuse. This disuse can cause excessive shear forces in the spine, putting undue strain on the discs and joints in the back. This added pressure will create further injury if not treated appropriately. Inserting a needle into these muscles is kind of like putting a screw driver into a circuit breaker, similar to shorting the system. It is akin to a computer rebooting.

The reboot allows the multifidi to work like they are supposed to, which is to activate before any of the other musculature on the back activate. The multifid fires 40 milliseconds before all other muscles fire,which is important for stabilization of the back. Learn more about the Multifidi muscles. I will also add electrostimulation to the needles in the multifidi to add stimulation and to sort of, wake them up, type stimuli. People with disc herniations, facet syndromes, stenosis, spondylosis, and various sprains and strains can all benefit from Dry Needling for a back pain.

If you would like a consult or have a question, please contact our office in the Denver Highlands area, close to LoHi.

Dr. Trent Artichoker

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